12 Things to Do While you are in Grenada

1. Go Fishing!!!

Grenada offers a world class big game fishery to its west. We love to experience the natural offshore beauty of the island and it’s marine life while catching sailfish, marlin, tuna, wahoo, and mahi. Almost daily we are smack in the middle of flocks of birds diving, groups of porpoise corralling bait, flying fish being chased from the birds above and the tunas below!! A lot of days we get to see a big tuna grab a flying fish in mid air! It’s like being in a National Geographic Video!

2. Go Scuba diving – or snorkeling.

Grenada has some of the best diving in the Caribbean. Whether you are looking for a wreck dive on the Bianca C, some great reefs, or a good ol lionfish hunt, Grenada has it all. You can also do a dive to see Grenada’s infamous underwater sculptures that have become a popular must see for divers visiting the island.

3. Relax on a beach.

The island of Grenada has so many beautiful beaches to visit. Whether you want to be in the mix on the infamous Grand Anse Beach which has been labeled one of the Top 10 beaches in the world, or go to a secluded beach to be alone and just hear the sounds of nature and the ocean, Grenada has it all to offer.

4. jump Off of a waterfall

or at least visit them. Annandale Waterfall in the closest to Port Louis Marina (20 minutes) and a short walk with some steps. It is a high jump into a small pool so it’s only for the brave, but the guides will jump and pose while you take photos, they’ll just ask for some money in the donation box. Others include Seven Sister, Concord, Adelphi, Tufton, and Mt. Carmel.

Annandale Waterfall

5. Raft Down the river / Bathe in the sulphur springs.

There are quite a few tours on the island that offer doing this in a day along with a 4×4 Jeep tour in the mix. The world famous sulphur springs are located in Claboney, and not far away are tubing adventures on the Balthazar River that sends you swirling and floating down the rapids while taking in Grenada’s tropical scenery and wildlife along the way. With plenty of options near by to cap off your experience with a cocktail, this is a fun excursion for sure!

6. Dune Buggy Tours.

Grenada offers quite a few options for dune buggy tours, some that even add in a trip to the suphur springs to get it all in with one activity. The island offers so much to explore that a dune buggy is a fun way to navigate the trails and see some breathtaking scenery along the way. Just a note, drivers typically have to be of 25 years of age or older to operate a dune buggy.

7. Tour A Rum Distillery.

Rivers Rum is a historic rum distillery still operating on the old world methods of water wheel power and local wood fired stills. The rum is so good they can’t keep up with local demand, so you can only get it here on the island! As with any good tour, it ends with a delicious tasting session.

visiting grenada

8. Tour A Chocolate Plantation.

The Chocolate Plantation Belmont Estate is a beautiful plantation in the middle of the island with a rich history. Head up for a tour of the grounds and an overview of the many delicious caribbean fruits they grow on the estate. Then learn how chocolate is made from tree to bar as they walk you through every step of the process. The tour ends with some delicious tea and a chocolate tasting.


Possibly one of the most breathtaking views of St George’s Harbor, Fort George, built by the French in 1706, overlooks much of the SW Corner of the island of Grenada offering an amazing panoramic view.

10. Go hashing.

Grenada Hash House Harriers (one of the largest hash groups in the world) labels themselves as an enthusiastic group of drinkers with a running problem. They meet every Saturday afternoon for a fun walk or run at different locations in Grenada and newbies are welcome! www.grenadahash.com

11. Cocktails at victory bar.

Located in Port Louis Marina, this is a great spot to wind down, or wind up, as the day turns to night. It is a location that has a vibe that is fun and uplifting, especially on the weekends when they have a band and people dancing while enjoying cocktails and good food. You’ll be feeling it relaxing with the backdrop of the most impressive mega yachts of the Caribbean and cold drinks in the mix.

12. Walk the vibrant ‘carenage’.

Grenada’s most scenic and well photographed area, the Carenage harbors a large part of Grenada’s local fishing fleet. All of the buildings are painted colorfully to true Caribbean fashion, and the thirty to sixty foot colorful commercial longline boats moor up to each other on the bulk head of the Caranage. Its fun to read the names of the boats, say hi to the crews and see the paint jobs. Couple this with a walk to the grocery (across the street) or BB’s  (just around the corner).

Things to do in Grenada

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