Exile 65 Fishing Trips

We can take up to 6 people aboard Exile 65. Be sure to CONTACT US with any questions you may have and to Book a Fishing Trip Now. Our availability calendar is at the bottom of the page.

Grenada Fishing Overview: Grenada is by far one of the best places to fish in the Southern Caribbean, and quite possibly the entire Caribbean! The beauty of fishing Grenada is the wide array of species you can catch on any given day, and it is a location where it is a very real possibility to catch a Grand Slam or even a Super Slam. Common catches are sailfish and big yellowfin tunas ranging in weight from 80-200+ pounds, blue marlin, white marlin, an occasional spearfish, mahi, and wahoo. CLICK HERE to see all the reason why your next fishing trip should be in Grenada with us at Exile Charters!

– “65 foot Custom Paul Mann Sportfishing Boat: CLICK HERE to see the BOAT MAXIMUM of 6 people per trip”

***Rates below do not include 15-20% gratuity for the crew for their hard work planning, preparing, and running the trips***

$2800 USD Full Day Trip (8 hours – 7am til 3pm)***Best Trip to rack up the billfish releases and tangle with big tuna: If you want to see everything Grenada’s Bluewater has to offer then this is the trip for you. Billfish such as Blue Marlin, Sailfish and White Marlin are the target species on this trip, but we are always ready to go after the big yellowfin tunas when they show themselves. Mahi (aka dolphin fish) are a common by catch. Runs to and from the fishing grounds are usually 5-25 miles.

Trip Includes: lunch, water, soda, beer, snacks

$1800 USD Half Day Trip (5 hours – 7am til Noon): Billfish such as Blue Marlin, Sailfish and White Marlin are the target species on this trip with a common by-catch of large yellowfin tunas and mahi (aka dolphin fish). This is a great trip if you don’t have a whole day to spend but want to your best chance at getting into some great fishing action that Grenada offers. Runs to and from the fishing grounds are usually 5-15 miles.

Trip Includes: water, soda, beer, snacks

$800 USD Sunset Cruise (2 hours – 5pm til 7pm): Take a relaxing sunset cruise on the beautiful Exile 65 and enjoy the sunset on the water with the amazing backdrop of the island of Grenada! Enjoy some champagne, wine, beer, soda and snacks with are all included. Bring your own drinks and food if desired as well.

$3500-5000 USD/day – Live Aboard Fishing Trips: CONTACT US to inquire about the possibility of a Live Aboard Fishing Trip to nearby islands here in the beautiful Southern Caribbean. We can customize a trip to your liking based on our recommendations and prices depend upon many variables. Islands we would offer Live Aboard Fishing Trips to would include but are not limited to Trinidad, Tobago, Barbados, Grenadines, and St. Lucia.

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